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I have been collecting Wisdens for a while now and in 2005 set up this Website, the first ever created on the internet to explain Wisdens to the masses, it includes a popular discussion forum (wisdenclub.com) which has kept me entertained ever since. Over time we were offered Wisdens from members and also people asked if we had any spares for their set. This generated our online Wisden Catalogue and this evolved after a couple of years into our sister site wisdenauction.com (see 2013 Wisden, pages 50/51), we improved the look and feel of this site in August 2013, Happy Collecting, Chris Ridler, Wisden Collector.

Mission Statement "Our aim is to put our heart and soul into helping you, in any way we can, complete your Wisden Collecting goals, providing free expert advice along the way".

Our collection is below. For each selected year , you can study the pictures and see all the statistics/prices/values for that year on the 3 tabs : For Sale (available Wisdens), Recent Values Tab (Auction Prices), Statistics Tab (our valuation tool)

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1897 Wisden
Sell One Like This
  • 1897 Wisden Hardback - Front
  • 1897 Wisden Hardback - Spine
  • 1897 Photoplate
  • 1897 Wisden Paperback, Front Cover
  • 1897 Wisden Paperback, Spine
  • 1897 Wisden Paperback, Rear Cover
Images All Items Price Bids Ends
£30.00 - 4 Days, 15 Hours +
£79.00 - 5 Days, 14 Hours +
£50.00 - 6 Days, 13 Hours +
£197.00 - 8 Days, 14 Hours +
£225.00 - 10 Days, 14 Hours +
£140.00 - 22 Days, 15 Hours +
£90.00 - 23 Days, 15 Hours +
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