In 1864 John Wisden wrote a cricket book, one that has been published every year since then, many cricket fans collect these Wisdens and this "Wisden Search App" enables collectors to find that missing Wisden Year they have been looking for to fill the gap in their collection. This App also contains a guide to help collectors, instructions on how to run the App, an About Us tab and a full list of all the Wisdens that we know about. Available for the iPhone and iPad devices.

Your Wisden can appear in the App too, you just need to list it on our main site.

As seen in "The Cricketer" December 2011 (Page 21)

Over 3000 downloads (3070 on 01/01/14).

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Wisden Search App - Free

Wisden Search App enables collectors to find that missing Wisden Year they have been looking for to fill the gap in their collection.

  • Category: Reference
  • Sub Category: Sports
  • Released: October, 2011
  • Version 1.1 released Jan 2013.
  • Size: 7.2 MB
  • Language: English

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

About Us

I have been collecting Wisdens for a while now and in 2005 set up a Website to explain Wisdens to the world, it included a discussion forum which has kept me entertained ever since. From time to time I was offered Wisdens and also people asked if we could supply Wisdens for their set. This generated our online Wisden Catalogues and this evolved into which was set up in 2008. In 2011 we created this App so you are never far from browsing for a Wisden when needed. Hopefully one of these resources will help you perfect your collection and entertain you along the way.

Happy Collecting!

Useful Links

Wisden Collectors Site , a must for all collectors.
Wisden Auction site built by Colectors for Collectors.

Wisden Search App
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Wisden moves into the 21st century

4 Star By Buddha, New Zealand on 17 October 2011

Finally, someone has built an app to help spread the word of Wisden and the pursuit of a flawless set to another generation... The app provides an easy-to-use search function and an overview of the great book, it's different types etc. to ensure people know what they're purchasing with eyes wide open. The link to ask questions of an expert provides a great sounding board, and no question is either too 'entry level' or too involved. It's far easier than trying to talk to an expert in person, especially when you live halfway around the world from the majority of books and experts... Hint: guys, give it to your better half and suggest a Wisden would be a great idea for a gift, at any time. Onwards and upwards, I can't wait to see how it progresses further moving forward.

A Wisden App!

5 Star By Wisdenfan - Australia - 8 Nov 2011

What a great app for the Wisden collector, novice or seasoned. Simple, concise and quick and informative.

An extremely helpful and informative App

5 Star By M Waby - Canada on 18 October 2011

The perfect modern accompaniment for the Wisden collector. An extremely helpful and informative App that will prove invaluable to collectors of the 'little yellow book'. For new or established Wisdeners having the convenience of accessing all of this information via one's phone will be addictive. I can't believe that we didn't have this sooner.

An excellent App

5 Star By Anwar Sheikh - UK on 24 October 2011

This is a must have app for any Wisden collector or enthusiast!! I found it very easy to use. Great search function. Thanks!!

Great App

5 Star By Woody34584 - UK on 24 October 2011

Great app, does what it says on the tin, a must for every cricket fan and Wisden collector.


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This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad